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                        The Dance Gallery

                                  2021 Spirit of Epic Award 

                                          2020-2021 ADCC Studio of Excellence Winner

                               2021-2022 Studio of Excellence Winner

                                         2021 Best in the Mountains Arts & Entertainment Award

                                        2022 Best in the Mountains Best Dance Studio Award


Mommy & Me (Ages 14 mths-2.5) This is an introduction to the world of dance for toddlers. Mommies will participate the first semester with their dancer. Mommies are encouraged to dance along with their child and to reinforce elements learned in class at home. Students will learn basic movement concepts as well as learning to take turns and sharing. Class length 30 minutes.

Mini Movers I & II (Ages 2.5-3 years old) This class is for the toddler who can be separated from mommy. It’s a fast paced class geared for toddlers. They will learn basic movements such as walking, jumping and skipping as well as learning how to count as we move, take turns and share. Class length: 30-40 minutes.

Hippity Hop I (Ages 3-5) Students in this class will get to learn basic hip hop moves as well as the skills needed to learn hip hop tricks. Class length: 45 minutes.

Hippity Hop II (Ages 4-6) This class is a fast paced beginning hip hop class. Students will learn basic hip hop steps and tricks. Class length: 45 minutes.

Hip Hop Explosion (Ages 7-10) This class is a beginner’s level hip hop class. Students will be introduced to basic hip hop concepts such as isolation, popping and locking and basic floor work. This class is for the elementary aged dancer as well as for those who have graduated up from hippity hop. Class length: 1 hour

Hip Hop Crew Ages 11-13)This class is a continuation of hip hop explosion 1. Students must have previous dance experience or completed a full year of hip hop explosion. Class length: 1 hour.

Teen Hip Hop/Acro Hip Hop, Jumps and Leaps for students Age 12 & Up.

 Pre-Ballet (ages 3-4) This class is an introduction to the world of ballet. Students will learn basic ballet steps, spatial awareness, listening skills and dance class etiquette. This is for beginning students. Class length: 45 minutes.

Ballet Plus (ages 4-5) This class is for the elementary age dancer who wants to learn ballet. Students will be introduced to dancing with a partner, learning floor patterns as well as learning how to put all of our basic ballet steps together in different patterns. Class length: 45 minutes.

Elementary Ballet 1/2 (ages 6-8) This class is for dancers of elementary school age. This is a beginner's level class as well as a continuation for students who have graduated up from Ballet Plus & Fancy Feet. We will learn proper ballet technique. Students will be introduced to doing exercise at the ballet barre. Class length: 45 minutes.

Elementary Ballet 2/3 (Ages 8-10) Prerequisite Elementary Ballet 1/2. 

Ballet/Pre-Pointe 3/4 (Ages 11 & up) This class is for students who wish to continue to progress in ballet. Students must have previous ballet experience to be in this class. Students will start focusing on exercise to condition & prepare for learning to dance en pointe. Class length: 60 minutes.

Advanced Ballet (Ages 12-18) is offered for students previously taking the appropriate ballet classes.

Pointe This class is for advanced ballet students. Students will begin at barre and advance to pointe shoes.

Tiny Tappers (Ages 3-5) This class is for preschool students to be introduced to the world of tap.

Beginning Tap (6-9) This class is an introduction to tap and is a beginner’s level class. Students will learn basic tap steps, music, and proper tap technique. Class length: 45 minutes.

Intermediate and Advanced Tap is also offered for students who have already taken Beginning Tap.

Lyrical (Ages 6 & Up) Lyrical is a dance style that blends ballet and jazz dance. It is smoother and a bit faster than ballet but not quite as fast as jazz. Dancers will learn how to use movements to express strong emotions and express lyrics of songs. Class length: 45 minutes.

Musical Theater (All Ages) This class will prepare students for drama productions by learning dance, voice, acting and stagecraft. 

Disabilities Classes (All Ages) Students wishing to dance will be taught the art of dance no matter the disability. Students will be taught in private classes, semi private classes, inclusion classes and/or on a team!